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Kingston, Jamaica – April 22-26, 2024

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Dr. Chris Emdin, Keynote Speaker

Education is not memorization. It is the activation of the imagination and a path towards liberation

Dr. Chris Emdin, PhD

Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica
X.Eyeé, Featured Speaker

Conference Schedule

  • For U.S. attendees, late registration pricing is $5,000 beginning March 1. The U.S. package includes lodging at The Pegasus Hotel, roundtrip airfare tickets, group transportation, breakfast at the hotel, lunch during the conference, and access to all conference events. Hotel upgrade options are available for a fee.
  • For Jamaican attendees, the first 100 attendees will pay $150 USD or approximately $24,000 JMD for the core conference days, April 24-25. The conference is hosted at the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • In the event you are unable to pay by credit card via our website, please email or call +1 (229) 335-5830.
Simone Clarke-Cooper, Conference Host

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The 1962 Plan

The 1962 Plan, in synergy with Minister Fayval Williams and the British Council STEAM Education Report, is designed to enhance STEAM education in Jamaica by addressing key challenges such as limited technology access and improving literacy.
Central to the plan is the development of a National STEM Center, the establishment of six  STEM schools, and one STEAM school across Jamaica. These initiatives aim to provide early and high-quality STEM experiences, transforming the teaching and learning culture in the country. The plan also emphasizes the importance of community partnerships for building a modern, well-equipped society. By doing so, the 1962 plan seeks to boost teacher training, preparing students for modern challenges and positioning Jamaica as a leader in 21st-century STEM education.

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